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Where to Place a GPS Tracker

GPS trackers can be used for a number of different things from tracking a spouse to tracking employees.  Prior to purchasing any king of GPS auto tracker, it's a wise idea to think about where to place a tracking device.  While some GPS tracking devices can be placed anywhere (inside or outside of a vehicle), this is not always the case.

Hard wired GPS tracking systems are frequently harder to install than systems that are not hard wired.  Generally, hard wired systems are purchased for fleet tracking purposes.  Since these systems perform various functions, most hard wired GPS trackers must be connected internally.  Speaking with the manufacturer of a hard wired system is the best way to determine the proper connectivity.  Alternately, hiring a professional to install a hard wired system may be a smart choice.  Most GPS tracking retailers will be able to provide you with a list of professional installers in your area.

GPS tracking systems that are not hard wired are simple to install.  Essentially, these systems can be placed anywhere inside of a vehicle.  However, if you want to install a tracker discretely, one of the best areas to place a tracker is inside of a wheel wall.  Most drivers will not notice a tracker that is nestled inside of a wheel wall, and almost all trackers can effectively track a vehicle from this location.  Another option is to purchase a GPS tracker that is magnetized.  Many trackers come with magnets, and these trackers can be placed on any metal surface.

Reputable GPS tracking retailers will provide you with everything you need to install a tracker when you purchase any GPS tracking device.  Software, installation instructions, and manufacturer contact information should be included in every purchase.  Deciding where to install a GPS tracker is largely dependent upon the type of tracker that you wish to purchase.

If you are not sure what kind of GPS tracking device will work best for you needs, speak with a knowledgeable retailer.  There are lots of GPS tracking systems out there, though some of them may be better for your needs than others.  No matter what kind of tracker you purchase, installing a GPS tracker should be simple and relatively effortless.

Five Things to Keep Track Of

Most people throughout the world have heard of GPS trackers.  Many people even own GPS tracking devices.  While GPS tracking systems have helped to save people, locate lost people, and secure cargo, many people believe that GPS tracking devices have nothing to offer.  The fact of the matter is that GPS tracking devices can do a lot more than track someone's vehicle.  These devices have can keep track of things that most people hold dear.  Here are some things that you may want to think about keeping a close virtual eye on.

  • Elderly Loved Ones:  while somewhat controversial, many people (and institutions) around the globe have begun to track elderly family members.  Every year, hundreds of Alzheimer's patients wander away from home, and many of these people are never found alive again.  By placing a GPS tracking bracelet or ankle bracelet on an elderly loved one, you will be able to keep track of these family members throughout the day - whether you are at home or at work.
  • Teens:  if you1ve ever wondered whether or not your teen is driving too fast, you may want to think about purchasing a GPS auto tracker.  Using a GPS tracking device, you can track the speed that your teen is traveling at.  In addition, you can keep tabs on your teen wherever they go.  When used to track a teen, GPS tracking devices provide peace of mind.
  • Valuable Items:  in some parts of the world, thieves have begun stealing items that most people never think about tracking.  Jewelry, art, books, and anything else that you value can be tracked with a GPS tracking device.  Place a GPS tracker inside of a safe, add one to the back of a painting, or secure a GPS tracker to your grandmother's diamond necklace - you never know when a thief may break into your home!
  • Vehicles:  you may, or may not, need to track your everyday vehicle, but what about other vehicles that you own?  Throughout the world, vehicles from golf carts to power boats have been stolen and recovered quickly thanks to GPS trackers.  While contacting the police after a vehicle has been stolen is a good idea, nothing will find a thief's exact location quicker than a GPS tracking device.  If you own any kind of vehicle, a GPS tracker may prevent your vehicle from being turned into scrap metal.
  • Your Employees:  do you employ anyone?  Everyone from a nanny to a company employee can, and should, be tracked.  Those who are responsible for your children should be watched closely, and company employees can be carefully monitored.  When it comes to keeping tabs on anyone you employ, a GPS tracker is the best device on the market.

Why Cell Phones and GPS Trackers Are Different

Many people use cell phones in place of GPS trackers, but the two types of technology are inherently different.  There are many things that a GPS tracker can do that a cell phone simply isn't equipped to do.  Aside from the fact that the main function of a cell phone is to make and receive calls, cell phones simply do not operate the same way that GPS trackers do.  Here are some of the main reasons why cell phones and GPS tracking devices are not created equal.

  • Different technology:  cell phone signals are secured by a carrier's network.  Once these signals have been captured, they are sent to a cell phone device.  GPS tracking devices rely upon satellites, which are more accurate than cell phone towers.  While cell phone location reports are, essentially, photographs, GPS tracking systems include speed, stop time, duration, and route information.
  • Clear Signal:  since cell phones were created to talk and text, these functions may interfere with cell phone tracking.  As with phone calls and texts that are occasionally "dropped," cell phone tracking capabilities are frequently disrupted.  GPS tracking reception is hardly ever interrupted, which means that users can always locate a vehicle or item.
  • Undetected Tracking:  in order to track someone using a cell phone, two things must be in working order.  First, a cell phone must be turned on.  Second, a cell phone user must consent to a GPS tracking device.  Contrastingly, GPS trackers work around the clock and these trackers can be installed secretly.
  • No Contract:  in order to use a cell phone to track someone, a contract that includes GPS tracking must be signed.  Many GPS trackers come without contracts.  Consumers are generally asked to pay a onetime activation fee in addition to the price of a tracker.  No other fees or restrictions apply when purchasing a GPS tracking device.

Clearly, cell phones cannot replace GPS tracking technology.  As more and more people are discovering, GPS trackers effectively keep track of vehicles, goods, and people without any added hassles.  While cell phones are convenient, these devices are simply not made for keeping track of any object, person, or vehicle.  When it comes to GPS tracking, nothing beats a GPS tracking device.

How GPS Tracking Can Save Your Company Money

A company is only as good as its productivity level.  If your employees are not working during company hours, you could be losing large amounts of money.  By installing GPS tracking devices in company vehicles, you'll be able to find out who's working on your time, and who's simply going through the work motions.

Personal GPS tracking devices can save your company money.  By tracking employees on a regular basis, you can determine whether or not your company is truly productive.  In addition, notifying employees of a new GPS tracking system may help to increase productivity.  Numerous studies have shown that workers always work more effectively when a boss is watching.  When a GPS tracking device is installed, employees who are being tracked will make every effort to work productively.

Additionally, those employees who drive company vehicles may improve their driving habits when being tracked.  Various companies that have installed GPS tracking devices on company vehicles have noticed that company drivers drive more carefully when being tracked via GPS.  A GPS tracking device can also save your company money when it comes to gas, since employees will not take alternate, or random, routes when being tacked.

Employees that increase productivity can be adequately awarded based on GPS tracking information.  Since all personal GPS tracking devices come with details vehicle information, rewarding someone for a job well done is easier than ever before.  When you combine all of the aforementioned details, it's easy to see how a GPS tracking device can save your company money.  Without a GPS tracker, your company may be losing thousands of dollars every day.

Companies that have installed GPS trackers on company vehicles have noticed a significant difference when it comes to productivity.  Increasing productivity is a sure-fire way to increase company profits.  Thus, purchasing GPS tracking devices is one of the best ways to make your company lucrative.  Can you really afford not to use GPS tracking technology? As many companies throughout the world are finding out, what you don't know about your employees really can hurt your company.