At Tracking the World, we provide GPS tracking devices that contain geofencing technology. Read on to learn more about geofencing and how it can help you.

Geofencing technology is a fascinating and high-tech way to set virtual boundaries in any location. Boundaries can be set to keep track of people or vehicles. It provides users with an easy way to see if who or what they are tracking is within the designated virtual boundaries. A GPS tracking device can contain this geofencing technology. At Tracking the World, we design GPS tracking devices with geofencing technology. Here are some different ways users can utilize geofencing technology.

Car Dealerships & Rental Cars

If you’ve ever been shopping for a new car, you know the most important part of the process is the test drive. This is where you can test out the functions of the car and see if the ride is smooth and to your liking. Often the dealership will allow customers and their families to take the car out for a spin on their own. But how can they protect their assets when they allow customers to drive off property with their vehicles?

By using a GPS tracking device with geofencing technology, car dealerships can easily keep track of their cars. The idea is that the dealership will set virtual boundaries within a certain radius around its location. If the car drives out of that range, the dealership will be alerted. Using the GPS tracking device, they can easily track the location of the car, contact the driver, and involve law enforcement if necessary.

In addition, the same technology can be used for rental car companies. Some companies do not allow drivers to take their rental cars out of state. These companies can invest in GPS vehicle tracking devices for cars. Geofence boundaries can be set around the state lines so that companies can be alerted any time a driver goes out of state. This is a great way to ensure that your rental cars are staying where they should be.

Elderly Family Members Who Live Alone

Do you worry about an elderly family member who lives alone? Invest in a personal GPS tracker for them to carry around. Not only do the personal trackers have “person down alerts” to warn you if your family member fell, but they also have geofencing capabilities. Also, the tracker can let you know their exact location at any time.

If your loved one likes to go on walks, maybe set the geofence boundaries around the perimeter of their neighborhood. If they drive to go shopping once a week, set the boundaries around their route and around the shopping center. This allows loved ones to rest assured that their elderly family member has not wandered off or become lost. This is especially helpful for family members experiencing early signs of memory loss who are not yet ready to move into a nursing home.

An Ankle GPS Tracking Device with Geofencing Technology for Parolees

Personal GPS ankle trackers can be used for parolees who are on house arrest. During house arrest, often the person is not truly confined to their home all day. They are typically allowed to go to work and run errands like going to the grocery store at pre-approved times. Setting up their GPS tracking device with geofence boundaries will help police officers monitor if the parolees are staying within the areas they should be (ex: home, work, grocery store, doctor’s office, etc.). If the parolee leaves these areas, law enforcement will be alerted via the GPS tracker so that they can track down the parolee.

Teen Drivers

Let’s face it: having a new teen driver on the road is stressful. Parents often feel on edge when their teen is driving. A good first step to monitoring your teen’s driving is to keep their driving radius fairly small. This radius could include places like school, friends’ houses, and certain errands. Equip them with a vehicle GPS tracking device and set it up with geofencing technology.

Sit down with your teen and set boundaries together about where they can and can’t drive. You will receive an alert if your teen drives outside the boundaries. Also, as your teen becomes more experienced with driving, you can gradually increase the radius of where they can drive. In addition to geofencing capabilities, the vehicle GPS trackers also monitor driver behavior so you can tell if your teen is practicing aggressive driving habits.

Hikers & Trail Runners

Last but not least, hikers and trail runners can greatly benefit from a personal GPS tracker with geofencing technology. Often hikers and runners are out all day on trails they have never been on before. It can be easy to wander off the trail and become lost, struggling to find their way back to the car. With geofencing technology, hikers and runners can set up boundaries prior to their adventure. Loved ones will receive an alert if the hiker/runner is out of the boundaries.

Geofencing technology is amazing. Geofences are virtual boundaries in GPS tracking devices. They help make sure people or vehicles are staying with a certain predefined perimeter. This technology is very useful for car dealerships, rental car companies, elderly family members, parolees, teen drivers, and hikers/trail runners. At Tracking the World, we make personal, vehicle, and asset GPS trackers. Users can program geofence boundaries into their GPS tracking devices as a way to keep their loved ones safe. In addition to geofencing technology, our trackers contain other high-tech features like person down alerts, the capability for SMS inbound texting, driver behavior monitoring, and an emergency call button. For more information about our available devices and their capabilities, contact Tracking the World today.

A GPS tracker can help keep your family, vehicles, and pets safe during your beach vacation. Learn how GPS tracking devices can promote safety at the beach!

Many families go on beach vacations every summer. During the global pandemic, many people have also been wanting to go to the beach to relax in a socially distant way with their families. When you travel to the beach this summer, put your mind at ease by investing in several GPS trackers to help keep track of your family, cars, and pets. At Tracking the World, we have a GPS tracker for everyone. Read on to learn about how a GPS tracking device can be helpful during your beach vacation.

Track Your Kids on the Beach

Kids love the beach! They often want to take off running through the sand, explore the town streets with their siblings, or go out after dinner to grab ice cream. Instead of sitting at home worrying about their whereabouts, invest in getting each kid a personal GPS tracker. They can carry the tracker around in their pocket, backpack, or purse. The tracker provides parents with real-time data about the location of their kids. Are you feeling worried if your kids aren’t back in the house by 10:00 PM? Check their location on the tracker and instantly know where they are. In addition, you can also preset geo-fence boundaries. These are boundaries that you determine, and if your kid goes outside of them, you automatically get notified. This is a great way to keep your kids safe when they are roaming around in areas that they aren’t totally familiar with.

Track Your Cars

Another GPS tracking device you will want to invest in before your beach vacation is a vehicle tracker. A GPS tracker on your vehicle helps ensure that it stays safe during your beach vacation. If anyone was to try and steal the vehicle while you were on vacation, the police would instantly be able to track its location. In addition, the vehicle tracker gives you information about driver behavior. If you are letting your teens drive the car around the beach, you can rest assured that they are driving well. The GPS tracker will let you know when it detects potential aggressive driving behavior. Let your teens know about this feature on the tracker, and they will definitely want to practice safer driving behaviors.

Last but not least, the vehicle tracker is a great way to make sure you don’t lose your car. Have you ever parked your car somewhere and then not been able to find it? You may have a memory of yourself wandering the streets or a parking lot for hours trying to find your car. When you park in unfamiliar places, like on your beach vacation, you further increase the risk of losing your car. For example, say you park in one of the oceanfront parking lots and then walk a couple miles down the beach to find a good surf spot. Well, there are oceanfront parking lots every quarter mile that look exactly the same. It is easy to become disoriented and forget which parking lot you used. Fortunately, families can track the exact location of their vehicle using the GPS tracker.

Release your worries about wandering off and losing your car – the vehicle tracker will keep you on track!

Keep an Eye on Your Pets!

Bringing your dog with you to the beach is ideal. Instead of leaving them with a family member or at the vet, bring them with you. They will have the time of their lives and with a GPS tracker, you won’t have to worry about them running away. Bringing a dog on vacation can be scary, though. Pet owners often worry their dog will get scared, run off, and be unable to find their way back. Purchase a GPS ankle tracker and attach it to your dog’s collar.

Personal Tracker for Those Left at Home

Sometimes family members are unable to come on the trip for various reasons. With a GPS tracker, you can make sure that they are safe at home. This could occur if you have an elderly family member who lives with you that isn’t up for traveling or a teenager who has something else going on that same week. Give each family member who stays at home a personal tracker. This way, if your elderly family members goes out for a walk or your teenager goes over to a friend’s house, you know that you can check their location if needed. In addition, the personal GPS trackers have a person-down alert, so if you have a family member that is at risk of falling, you will know if this happens.

Tracking the World… At the Beach!

For your next beach vacation, invest in a GPS tracker for each member of the family, pets, and your vehicle. At Tracking the World, we design GPS trackers that provide users with real-time location information. The personal GPS trackers can be used to make sure your kids are staying safe at the beach even when they roam off by themselves. The vehicle GPS tracker provides your car with an added layer of security while also ensuring that the car does not get lost. An ankle GPS tracker is a great device for pets because you never know what will scare them and cause them to run off while in an unfamiliar place.

In addition, giving family members who are staying at home a GPS tracker can help you enjoy your vacation free from stress, knowing that you can check up on them via the tracker at any time. This is especially helpful if you have an elderly family member or a teen back at home.

While GPS trackers are helpful for beach vacations, keep in mind these trackers can be used all year long. For more information about our GPS trackers and how they can be helpful on a summer beach vacation, contact Tracking the World today.

A GPS tracking device is the perfect item to add to your summer camping trip pack list. It will help keep you and your family safe on your adventures!

Summer is here! Many families are busy getting ready for their summer vacations. Camping trips are a popular vacation option that many families enjoy each year. Camping is a great way to get out in nature at an affordable price. Whether you are staying in a cabin, RV, or tent, you are sure to have a blast spending a week in the great outdoors! Before you leave, take the time to invest in a GPS tracking device so that you and your family can be safe on your trip. At Tracking the World, our devices are designed to help keep your family, pets, and vehicles secure during vacations. Read on to learn about some different GPS trackers that we offer and how they can keep your family safe.

Personal GPS Tracking Device

A personal GPS tracking device is a must-have for family camping trips. In fact, it’s a really good idea for each person in the family to have one. This allows families to keep track of their loved ones as they go on various outdoor adventures. For example, if your teens decide to go hiking, you don’t have to worry about them getting lost. At any point, you can track their exact location and communicate with them through the tracker. In many cases, camping trips also come with some time for adventurous activities! These activities include things like rock climbing, kayaking, trail running, and more. Keep your family safe by equipping them with a personal GPS tracker while they are out on their adventure!

In addition, if you are worried about a family member wandering off too far away from the campsite, you can set geofence boundary alerts on the tracker. This allows users to define “boundaries,” and if the person crosses them, their loved ones are alerted. Geofence boundaries help keep family members safe and prevent them from getting lost. Do you have parents or in-laws back at home who are worried about your camping trip? Tell them to relax because with the personal trackers, they can keep track of your location to ensure that the entire family is safe. They might be interested in seeing where you are each day of your camping trip, and the personal GPS trackers will allow them to see your exact location.

Vehicle Tracker

A vehicle tracker is a good thing to install on your car or RV before leaving for a camping trip. There are two reasons to invest in a vehicle tracker: safety and keeping track of where you park. First, the GPS tracker will provide families with valuable information should their car be stolen. The tracker will allow users and the police to find the vehicle’s location after it is stolen.

The second reason is simply to keep track of where you parked your vehicle. When you go camping, it’s likely you will be exploring some areas that you have never been to before. Often, families will park their car or RV, jump out, and explore for hours. Afterward, they can have issues remembering exactly where they parked. With trails crisscrossing and winding up and down mountains, sometimes it can be difficult to easily retrace your steps after you’ve been hiking for hours.

Have no fear – the vehicle GPS tracker tells users exactly where their car is parked. This makes it easy to find your vehicle even after exploring the woods for hours! In addition, it relieves families of any worry about where they left their car. Instead of spending the entire hike trying to figure out which way you have gone and which path to take, you can explore wherever you want to go without worries.

Ankle  Tracker

If you bring a dog on the family camping trip, an ankle tracker is a must. These trackers will fit perfectly around your dog’s collar and will help keep them safe no matter where you travel. In addition, the ankle trackers are waterproof. Dog owners don’t have to worry about their pets ruining the tracker if they get it wet! The ankle trackers are small and lightweight, so your dog won’t even notice that they have it on. Having the ankle tracker gives campers the opportunity to allow their dog to roam free around their campsite. In addition, it provides hikers with the peace of mind to allow their dog to hike with them off-leash. This camping trip, cross losing your pet off your worry list. With the GPS ankle tracker, you can easily track them down even if they do happen to run off.

Tracking the World!

As you create your packing list for your summer camping trip, don’t forget to add a GPS tracking device to the list. In fact, add more than one to the list! On your camping trip, you will want personal trackers for your family members, a vehicle tracker for your car or RV, and an ankle tracker for your pet. These trackers allow you to determine the exact location of your family member, car, or pet when you are worried about them. Camping trips typically include adventures like hiking, kayaking, white-water rafting, rock climbing, and more. While these activities are fun, they don’t come without risk. Rest assured that you can keep track of your family members while they have fun without having to worry!

A vehicle tracker will let you know where exactly you parked so that you never have issues finding your car after a long hike. In addition, it provides an added layer of security just in case the car is stolen. Finally, the ankle tracker is the perfect size for your dog and allows you the peace of mind that if they were to run off, you could easily find them. For more information about our line of GPS trackers and how they can be useful on your camping trip, contact Tracking the World today!

GPS tracker

Are you brainstorming fun ways to enjoy the beautiful weather? Does the idea of embarking on an adventure come to mind? Did you answer yes to both of these questions? If so, then you might want to consider taking a motorcycle trip this summer. Of course, any journey comes with an obligation to come prepared, and a motorcycle journey is certainly no exception. Before hopping on your bike and hitting the road, here are four things you need to bring with you on a summer motorcycle trip.

GPS Tracker

The most crucial must-have for all motorcycle trips is a GPS tracker. Given a motorcycle’s exposure to the weather, paper maps are nearly impossible to use. Although there are countless smartphone applications and global positioning system (GPS) units to direct you to your destination, motorcycle trips require some extra safety considerations that smartphone applications do not account for.  

In order to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared to operate a motorcycle over a long distance, you should purchase and use a GPS tracker that is specifically designed for motorcycle travel. Why does this matter? First and foremost, following directions on a motorcycle can be noisy, distracting, and inconvenient. Riders need to consider how varying temperature ranges, humidity levels, and shock levels can influence their travel. Any of these elements can cause discomfort, which distracts the rider from traveling on a safe path.  These characteristics of a motorcycle journey make an efficient GPS system that much more important.

Motorcycle GPS Tracker Options

Motorcycle GPS trackers are advantageous because their systems and processes are specifically designed for a motorcycle. Built-in features to accommodate wind, noise, and visibility on a motorcycle work together to make following directions as effortless as possible. Motorcycle riders who use a GPS tracker that’s not targeted for motorcycle travel might, on the other hand, have to work twice as hard to get to their destination.

For those looking for a top-notch motorcycle GPS system, TrackingtheWorld offers three GPS trackers. These three GPS trackers contain also contain waterproof, CE and FCC certified, and 1P67 complaint options.

Bluetooth Communicator

GPS tracker

Another technology tool you should bring on a motorcycle trip is a Bluetooth communicator. A Bluetooth communicator can be synced to your motorcycle GPS tracker to provide turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates, and weather forecasts. Similar to a car’s Bluetooth function, a motorcycle’s Bluetooth communicator also enables phone calls with friends and family while you’re on the road. If you are traveling alone, it is recommended to use your Bluetooth communicator to queue up some entertainment, such as music, audiobooks, and podcasts. Using your Bluetooth to plan your entertainment ahead of time will help you stay alert and attentive on long solo rides. 

When purchasing a Bluetooth communicator, be on the lookout for boomless technology. Boomless technology functions when a microphone boom is not in front of a person’s mouth in order to record speech. This gives riders the freedom to give verbal commands to their Bluetooth communicator without having to wear a microphone too close to your face. The boom in a headset is typically the easiest piece of a microphone to break. As a result, a boom can be a dangerous distraction for motorcycle riders. Many helmets, therefore, offer boomless technology features that combine the benefits of Bluetooth communication with rider safety.

Tire Plug Kit

A tire plug kit is essential for any summer motorcycle excursion. For long journeys, it’s vital to expect the unexpected. A tire plug kit is an “in case of emergency” item. If you run into tire trouble, this kit will guarantee your ability to arrive safely at your destination. Buying the right tire plug kit does not have to come at a heavy expense to your wallet. Tire plug kits typically price between $25 and $50. The more expensive options include additional plugs, tools, and tire-specific options. 

During a tire crisis, buyers should beware that tire plug kits are not always a “be all and end all” solution. For example, many car service businesses refuse to fix tires with rips on their sides. This makes tire plug kits extra important to bring along on a summer motorcycle trip.


Adding a windshield to your motorcycle is a necessity before embarking on a long-distance summer trip. Windshields disperse oncoming wind around your motorcycle and its riders. This helps ensures a smoother ride to your destination and also reduces noise. Overall, keep in mind that different windshields offer different advantages. For example, a wider windshield helps push the wind around the rider’s sides. As a result, this reduces the force against the chest and shoulders. Diverting the wind also works against other wind-related issues, such as helmet buffeting.

A windshield reduces the effects of a perceived drop in temperature. It also creates a barrier to the brutal heat under the summer sun. During a rainstorm, a large windshield will divert the rain around the motorcycle and away from your chest and shoulders. A windshield also helps keep your technology safely in place. Attaching a motorcycle GPS tracker to your dash or handlebars puts the electronics in harm’s way. You might find the tracker damaged due to debris, rocks, and bugs. Many windshields also include mounting options to place your GPS right in front at eye level. For the easily-distracted riders, this appealing feature offers stronger directional guidance.

Find Your GPS Tracker From TrackingTheWorld

TrackingtheWorld exclusively specializes in GPS tracking products. We are a premier industry expert and one of the first mainstream providers of civilian global positioning systems. Henri Maramis, TrackingtheWorld’s President and CEO, offers an extensive product engineering and electronic development background to this company. His leadership prioritizes a commitment to offering the highest-grade GPS tracking equipment software and services on the market. We work with clients in both the private and public sectors, including law enforcement agencies and military entities.

GPS tracking devices are the perfect accessory for extreme athletes. Whether you rock climb or mountain bike, these devices help keep you safe.

photo by Tobias Bjerknes on Unsplash

Outdoor endurance/extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular. These types of sports often involve all-day adventures in areas with extreme terrain. Often, family members worry about their loved ones while they are out doing what they love. This is completely understandable, and luckily, there is a solution. Invest in a GPS tracking device for your loved one to use while they are doing their sport. This will put your mind at ease as the tracker will allow you to track the location of the athlete in real time. In addition, you will be provided with various helpful alerts such as “person down.” Read on to learn about 4 types of athletes who could benefit from a GPS tracker.

GPS Tracking Device for Rock Climbers

Rock climbing is a fun and thrilling sport, but it does not come without risks. Between hiking out to a good spot and spending the day climbing up steep rocks, there are a lot of potential risks! It is important to be safe and carry a GPS tracking device so that a family member or friend can keep track of your whereabouts. The PT-301 GPS tracker is perfect for rock climbers because it has a “person down” alert. If the tracker senses that you have fallen, it will send out an alert to notify your loved one that you have fallen and might be injured.

The device also has an emergency call button so that if you do get hurt, you can easily call for help. In addition, the device stores 20 contacts that you can call and also includes inbound SMS services. This means that if your family sends you a worried text, you can quickly give them a call to let them know that all is well and that you are having a great time on your rock-climbing adventure.


Photo by asoggetti

Ultra-running is the newest fad amongst runners. This sport is not for the faint of heart. It involves running incredibly long distances, often through the night, in the dark. Common ultra-races include 50-milers, 100-milers, and even 24-hour races! Some of the races are in the forest, some are in the desert, and some are through the mountains. As a family member, you might be concerned about your loved one doing these races. Common questions are, “What if they fall and get hurt?” “What if they get lost and wander off the race path?” “What if they need help and no one is around?” These are definitely valid questions!

Fortunately, a GPS tracking device is the perfect tool to keep these runners safe. The “person down” alert will notify loved ones if the runner has fallen. In addition, the SOS call button can be used if the runner feels they need help. Another awesome feature of these GPS trackers is the geo-fencing capability. Geo-fencing is a way to set “virtual” boundaries around where a person will be. If the person crosses over the boundary, family members can be alerted. This is the perfect feature for ultra-runners because they can set the boundaries around the racecourse. Family members will be able to tell immediately if their loved one has strayed from the course.

Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is a thrilling sport, but it comes with its risks. First, bikers tend to go deep into the woods to find the best trails to ride on. While this is great for riding, it is not great if an injury occurs. With personal GPS tracking devices, loved ones will be notified if their biker has fallen. This gives family members a chance to check up on them and make sure they are ok.

Another risk with mountain biking is that these bikes can sometimes be damaged beyond repair. A simple issue like a leaking tire can easily be fixed on the trail. Something more serious, like failing brakes, may not be able to be fixed while out on an excursion. Bikers can use their GPS tracker to call a friend or family member for help from a list of 20 contacts. In addition, the SOS button can be used in case of an emergency.


For many, hiking is way more than just a fun weekend activity with their family. It becomes an adventure where they spend days – sometimes weeks or even months – out on the trail. Between hiking all day and camping all night, this sport is intense! Instead of saying, “Bye, see you in a month!” to your family members, invest in a GPS tracker instead so that they can keep track of your whereabouts. This is a good way for them to see where you are on your hiking journey. Also, the “person down” alert is helpful as it lets family members know about a potential injury. The SOS button is perfect for times when a hiker is seriously hurt or feels in danger.

A GPS tracking device is a must for the athlete in your family. These devices will help keep your athlete safe while they are away on their adventures. Family members can easily track the location of their loved one if they are feeling worried. The devices have “person down” alerts so that if the athlete falls, loved ones will be notified. The GPS trackers can also receive inbound SMS texts and make outbound calls to up to 20 phone numbers. The devices are equipped with SOS buttons to use in case of an emergency. They also have geo-fencing capabilities so that family members can see if their athlete has gone out of the area they are expected to be in.

These devices benefit all sorts of outdoor athletes, including rock climbers, ultra-runners, mountain bikers, and hikers. You never again have to worry about your athlete while they participate in their extreme sports! For more information about GPS trackers and their benefits for athletes, contact Tracking the World today.

A vehicle GPS tracker is a great thing to put in the car of a new teen driver. Read on to learn how to convince them to want to use a tracker.

Photo by Tarutoa on Unsplash

New teen drivers are typically incredibly excited to get out and start driving on their own. They have paid their dues of driving around with their parents while they had their learner’s permit. Now, they are ready to be independent drivers! While this is exciting for teens, it can be terrifying for parents. Having a new teen driver can make parents worry about their children on a whole new level. Luckily, a GPS tracker can be placed in the car to help keep new teen drivers safe while easing their parents’ fears. The biggest battle to get through is figuring out how to convince your teenage driver to put a vehicle GPS tracking device in their car. Read on to learn about 4 ways to get your teen driver to agree to use a GPS tracker.

Make it A Requirement to Drive

A vehicle GPS tracker allows parents to track the location of the car in real time. It also allows notifications in case of an accident. In addition, it monitors driving behavior and can notify users if the driver is being aggressive or speeding. While all these features sound well and good to parents, how do you get your teen driver to agree to using the tracker? Plain and simple: tell your teen driver that in order to drive the car independently, they must use a GPS tracker. Your teen may not be happy with this stipulation. However, it’s almost certain that they would rather have access to a car and drive independently with a tracker than sit at home and not be driving. Your teen may try to put up a fight, but don’t back down. If this is important to you, maintain your ground.

Use it to Reward Good Driving Behavior

Photo by Why Kei

Another way you can convince your teen to put a vehicle GPS tracker in their car is to tell them this is a way to track driving behavior. Beyond that, you will actually reward them for good driving behavior. Discuss with your teen what they would like their reward to be and the stipulations of the deal. For example, if you don’t receive any aggressive driving alerts for a month, you will get them a new video game they have been wanting. Or maybe if they exhibit good driving behavior all week, you’ll extend their curfew by an hour on Saturday. Pick something that works for your kid and will encourage them to driving safely.

At Tracking the World, our vehicle GPS trackers provide users with aggressive driving behavior detection. Harsh braking and acceleration are some examples. The trackers can also detect speeding. A speed alarm will go off if the driver is going too fast. A GPS tracker is a great way for parents to know that their child is following safe driving practices. It is also a good way to keep your teen honest about their driving. It is difficult for them to lie about how they drive when they know that you can keep track of it. While your teen might not be thrilled about you tracking their driving, they will be a lot more willing to use the GPS tracker if there is a reward at the end.

Keeps Their Vehicle Safe

Whether it is a new or used car, your teen will love their car. It will quickly become their baby! Use their feelings toward their car to suggest installing a GPS tracker to keep the vehicle safe. Explain the benefits of the tracker to your teen to help them understand why it is important to use. First, the car can be tracked in real time. This is helpful in case the car is ever stolen. Police can easily track the location of the car thanks to the GPS tracker. The tracker will also sound an alarm any time the car is moving but the ignition is off. This is a further level of security. As a new teen driver excited about their car, all of these security features will be reassuring.

Accident Data Collection

Another way to get your teen on board with a vehicle GPS tracking device is to tell them about the accident data collection feature. In the case of an accident, the tracker collects data that can then be reconstructed for analysis. While hopefully this feature never has to be used, it can be extremely helpful. As a teen driver, it is easy to be blamed for accidents even when it is not their fault. The tracker can help provide police and insurance companies with evidence that can help clear their name in the case of an accident where another driver is at fault. This GPS tracker feature will help keep your teen’s mind at ease knowing that if there is an accident, the tracker will be collecting data the whole time so that they will not be unfairly blamed.

Being a new teen driver is so exciting. Everyone remembers the day they got their license and the freedom they felt finally driving by themselves. While it’s exciting for teens, it can be extremely stressful for parents. Fortunately, a vehicle GPS tracker is a device that can help keep parents’ minds at ease. The tough part is getting your teen to agree to put this tracker in their car. Making the tracker a requirement in order to drive and using it to reward good driving habits are two ways to convince your teen to use the tracker. In addition, they will love that the device provides an added layer of security for their car and also collects data in case of an accident. For more information about a vehicle GPS tracking device and how it can help your teen driver, contact Tracking the World today.




Investing in an asset GPS tracker is beneficial for many reasons. The tracker allows owners to monitor the location of assets and receive various alerts.

Photo by George Kedenburg III on Unsplash

If your company is in the business of moving around assets or inventory, it is important that you invest in an asset GPS tracker. This device will help you keep track of containers, pallets, crates, machinery, inventory, and more as you move it around. A GPS tracking device for assets can be beneficial to your business model in many different ways. First and foremost, it allows owners to know that their assets are safe and secure and haven’t been stolen. Second, it helps owners and managers understand ways to make their supply chain more efficient. In addition, these devices have important alerts that help owners know various pieces of data. Read on to learn more about the benefits of monitoring assets with a GPS tracker.


Most importantly, an asset GPS tracker allows owners to know if their assets are safe. If your business has several pieces of machinery, put a GPS tracker on each one. The GAT-Pro device is as small as a key and won’t even be noticeable on the machinery. Owners can track the machinery in real time so they can tell if a piece of machinery was stolen. This is also helpful if you have inventory sitting in crates on trucks. You can easily tell if the inventory has moved or been stolen. In addition, a motion detection alarm can be set so that you immediately know if your inventory or piece of machinery is moving when it should not be. When dealing with thousands upon thousands of dollars of inventory and machinery, it is crucial that you are able to track it down at any time to make sure that it is safe and secure.

Easier Supply Chain Management

photo by Rodrigo Abreu on Unsplash

Another way that a GPS tracker for assets is beneficial is that it can simplify the way you analyze supply chain management. This is especially helpful for businesses that use trucks to move around inventory. You can easily track when the inventory left and when it arrived at its final destination. Knowing this information can help with decisions about staffing, driving routes, and scheduling arrivals and departures. In the long run, this data will help your business save money! Use the tracker to experiment with different routes and departure times. Notice how much time you save picking one route over another. Maybe it saves more time having a truck leave the warehouse at 6:00 AM instead of 6:30 AM. Be sure to keep all of this data in a safe place. An application like Microsoft Excel is very helpful when looking at points of data. Put the data into charts, tables, and graphs to further analyze. Once you have enough data and can pick out positive trends, use that data to improve your supply chain process.

Low Power Consumption

When using a GPS tracker to monitor assets, you want something with a long-lasting battery. Having to charge the battery all the time ends up being inefficient and difficult to remember. Each of the asset trackers has a long standby time. The GAT-Pro has a standby time of about 1,800 days. The GAT-Pro 4G has a standby time of 5-7 years, depending on if cell ID or GNSS are used. The AVL-600W series has a 90-day standby time.

Temperature Alerts

The GAT-Pro 4G and the AVL-600W series both monitor temperature. This is the perfect feature if your inventory needs to be kept at a certain temperature. For example, if you transport fruit from the farm to the grocery store, it is important to monitor the temperature in the crates to makes sure it is not getting too hot. The GPS tracking devices monitor the temperature very accurately.

Geo-Fence Alarms

Geo-fence boundaries are basically digital geographical boundaries that can be set through a GPS tracker. If the GPS tracker passes over one of these boundaries, it will alert users of the cross. This feature can help businesses make sure their drivers are staying on track. Place the asset tracker with your inventory in the back of the truck. Then set the boundaries around the predetermined route that your driver will be taking. Finally, monitor the boundaries so that you can make sure the driver is going where they should be. This can let business owners know if their driver is being inefficient. For example, are they taking detours to move around traffic that are actually taking more time? Are the going off-route to find a McDonalds that ends up being 10 miles off of the highway? This feature will also keep the drivers honest. If they know that their route is being monitored, they will aim to be as efficient as possible.


Another benefit of these assets is that they are heavy-duty. This means that you don’t have to worry about them getting wet or damaged as they sit in the backs of trucks or in crates outside. All the asset trackers are waterproof. The AVL-600W series is “ruggedized.” This means it is designed to be used in harsh trucking environments and is sealed against common fuel oils and hazardous chemicals. Business owners can rest assured that these asset trackers will survive the elements!

Asset tracking is an important part of any business that has a lot of moving inventory and machinery. At Tracking the World, we offer 3 asset GPS trackers to help you monitor your containers, pallets, crates, pieces of machinery, inventories, and more! These trackers will provide owners with information about the security, location, and temperature of their assets. In addition, the GPS trackers can help with supply chain management and making transporting much more efficient. For more information about an asset GPS tracker and to learn about the 3 models we carry, contact Tracking the World today.



GPS tracking systems are great to have on road trips. They can be used to track the locations of your car, family member, and pets while on vacation.

photo by Alex Jumper on Unsplash

GPS tracking systems are awesome investments for your next family road trip. Get a vehicle tracking device for the car and personal trackers for your family members. You can even get an ankle tracker for your dog! A GPS tracker can help keep you and your family safe during road trips. Read on to learn more about what a GPS tracker does and how you can use it on a road trip.

First Things First: Navigation Systems vs. GPS Tracking Systems

When you hear “GPS,” you may think, “I already have one of those in my car and on my phone.” It is important to note that a navigation system is separate from a GPS tracker. Both are good to have on a road trip for different reasons. A navigation system helps drivers to reach their final destination. Simply enter an address, and the system will give drivers step-by-step directions on how to get there. A lot of cars have built-in navigation systems, and most mobile phones have them as well.

A GPS tracker, on the other hand, will not tell you where to go. Instead, it will help you locate the position of a person, animal, or vehicle. For example, a vehicle tracker can tell you where your car is parked. A GPS tracker comes with several different alerts and notifications so that users can know if their family members or vehicles are safe.

Keep Track of Where You Park Your Car

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A vehicle GPS tracker will help you keep track of where you park your car on vacation. While on vacation, you may park your car, jump out, and go sightseeing. Hours later, it could be difficult to remember where the car is. A GPS tracker will give users the real-time location of their car. Here are a few examples where this could be helpful:

  • City Road Trip: You have reservations at a restaurant, but can’t find parking nearby and end up parking blocks away. After dinner it is dark, and you can no longer remember where you parked. The GPS tracking device on the vehicle will help you find the car.
  • Beach Road Trip: Beaches are very crowded during the summer! Often this means that parking lots are full, and tourists need to park their cars blocks away from the beach. Beach streets can all look the same, and it can be confusing if you decide to walk even further once you get down to the beach to stake out a spot. At the end of the day, you may have forgotten whether you parked on 12th Street or 21st Street. Have no fear! Your GPS tracker will lead you right back to the location of your car.
  • Mountain Road Trip: A mountain vacation is all about exploring! If you are driving and spot a trailhead, park the car and hop out! After spending hours hiking around the forest, you may become disoriented about where you began and where your car is. Luckily, a GPS tracker will help you find the car.

Vehicle Safety

In addition, the vehicle tracker provides families with reassurance that their car is safe. Sometimes on vacation, you might have to park your car far away from your hotel or get it valeted. When the car is out of your sight, you will still know the location via the GPS tracker. This is especially nice to have during city vacations, because you may not know the safety or crime rate of the street you are parking your car on. Worst case scenario: your car gets stolen, but the police will be able to instantly track it down thanks to the GPS tracker.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Vehicle GPS trackers can monitor the behavior of the driver and track car crashes. If you are the parent of a college student who is heading on a spring or summer break road trip, you will want to equip the vehicle with a GPS tracking device for a couple of reasons. First, the device can detect poor driving behavior. It can track things like harsh braking and acceleration to help users know if their family member is driving too aggressively. Another reason to get a vehicle tracker for your kid’s car is that it can detect crashes. You can relax about your kid taking a road trip, because the vehicle GPS tracker will alert you if they are being unsafe or have gotten into an accident.

Keep Track of Family Members

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A personal GPS tracker is the perfect way to keep track of a family member on a road trip. Do you have family members who like to be adventurous on vacation? Give them a personal ankle tracker to wear so that you can track their location while they are out on their adventures. Here are some vacation activities where people might need ankle GPS trackers:

  • Hiking
  • ATV riding
  • Dirt biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Trail running
  • Surfing

These devices are waterproof so they can hold up against the elements. The ankle tracker comes with an SOS emergency call feature so you can rest assured that your family could call for help if they needed to. Know that your family is safe by tracking their real-time whereabouts on their vacation adventures.

Keep Track of Pets

Last but not least, GPS tracking systems can keep track of pets on vacations. Do you like to bring your dog with you everywhere but are worried about him running away? Put an ankle GPS tracker around his leg or collar. This will give you peace of mind that he won’t run off without you being able to find him. Let your dog out to run free after a long road trip without fear of losing your pet.

GPS tracking systems are extremely helpful to have on road trips. From monitoring the location of the car to keeping your family members safe on their road trip adventures, these trackers are a must! Get one for your vehicle and for each member of your family (including your pet!). For more information about GPS trackers and how they can be used on a road trip, contact us today.


GPS tracking device

Spring and summer are popular times to go on vacation. After being cooped up all winter, the idea of heading somewhere new and warm is very inviting. Whether you are traveling or just staying home and enjoying the warm weather, you need a GPS tracking device. These devices help you to keep track of your vehicles and family members. Read on for 4 ways to use a GPS tracking device this summer.

Vacation Destinations!

Traveling in the summer can be so much fun! Leave behind the cold winter days of being stuck inside and plan out the trip of a lifetime. These are some popular summer vacations:

  • Beach vacation
  • Escape to the mountains
  • Tour the city
  • Travel abroad!

All of these vacations are perfect for the whole family, but it is important that everyone stays safe. Personal GPS tracking devices can help with this. If a member of your family wanders off for a solo adventure, you don’t have to worry because you can track their location in real time to ensure they are safe. In addition, sometimes on vacation you have to park your car somewhere that is difficult to remember. For example, you parked your car at a random trailhead in the mountains and set out for a hike. A vehicle GPS tracking device will help you keep track of the location of your car if you happen to forget where it is parked. Check the location and hike safely back to the car.

Worried About Elderly Family Members?

Do you have an elderly family member who lives alone that you are constantly worrying about? Sometimes these worries can be heightened in the warmer months as your family member might be more active outdoors. Activities like walking around the neighborhood, walking to the nearby coffee shop, or venturing out to the community garden are popular spring and summer activities. Give your family member a personal GPS tracking device. This lets you keep track of their movements and make sure that they end up home safely. This is especially important if your family member has memory loss issues.

Track Those College Kids!

College kids love to be adventurous! They love to hike, bike, take road trips, and rock climb! Invest in a personal GPS tracking device for your college kids while they are home this summer. Keep track of them as they scale mountains and conquer rivers. In addition, a vehicle tracker in their car can help you monitor their driving. You will receive alerts about driving behavior and incident reports.

Don’t Lose Your Pet

According to the American Humane Association, 1 out of 3 pets become lost at some point in their lifetime. This is a huge number! Protect your pet this summer by investing in an ankle GPS tracker to put on them during travel. When you travel with your pet, they are more likely to run off because they are in a new environment and may be feeling some stress and anxiety.

Overall, a GPS tracking device is a great thing to invest in this summer. Whether you use it for traveling, your college kids, an elderly family member, or a pet, these devices will keep your mind at ease. For more information, contact Tracking the World today.

A vehicle GPS tracker is very beneficial in many different situations. From your personal vehicle to a fleet of trucks, these devices are helpful.

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A GPS tracker is the perfect investment for many different types of vehicles. These trackers have the capability to track the location of the vehicle and provide information about driving behavior. Whether you use the device in your personal car or for work, they can provide you with very valuable information. In addition to monitoring these devices in real time, scheduled reports can also be set so that positions are reported based on time or mileage intervals. The trackers also contain various alarm systems that notify the user if something is happening, such as crossing a geo-fence boundary or if the driver is speeding. Read on to learn about the types of vehicles that need GPS trackers.

Family Vehicles

A GPS tracker is a fantastic thing to put in your family vehicle. This is especially true if you have teen drivers in the family. Mom and Dad can monitor their new teen driver by getting real-time updates on their location. The devices also provide information about the driver’s behavior, such as sudden braking and acceleration. In addition, the device contains a speed alarm that allows for flexible speed monitoring.

In many cases, teen drivers are given criteria about where they can drive. It could be just to school and sports practice, or maybe to a friend’s house. With a GPS tracker, parents can set up geo-fence boundaries around the area where their teen will be driving. Parents will be alerted if the boundaries are crossed. This will keep teens honest about where they go, and will also help parents worry less if they know their teen is only driving to certain nearby places.

Another reason to get a vehicle tracker for your personal car is that it provides security. If for any reason your car is stolen, you will be able to provide tracking information to the police so they can find the car. The device also has a tow alarm, which goes off anytime the car is being moved when the ignition is off. If you live in an area where cars are frequently towed, this can be very helpful! The tracking device also provides users with crash detection. If the car gets in an accident, this feature allows the driver to collect data to reconstruct and analyze the crash.

Fleet Tracking

A vehicle GPS tracker is very beneficial in many different situations. From your personal vehicle to a fleet of trucks, these devices are helpful.

Photo by Matthew T. Rader on Unsplash

If your business owns a fleet of trucks, a vehicle GPS tracker is a good way to keep track of the fleet. The GPS trackers work in real time. Business owners and managers can check on where the trucks are located. This is very helpful when it comes to supply chain management. It allows owners to see if the trucks are staying on schedule and if they will arrive at their destination on time. It also allows owners to see where the routes can be made more efficient, thus eventually saving the company time and money.

In addition, the driver behavior monitoring features help the company determine whether their drivers are being safe. They can get alerts about sudden braking and accelerating, as well as if the drivers are speeding. The crash report feature is also very helpful. If there is a crash, this feature allows the company to reconstruct and analyze the crash, which is beneficial when dealing with insurance companies. It can also help the company see if their driver was being negligent.

Rental Cars

Rental car companies can benefit from putting GPS tracking devices in their cars. This can help them locate their cars in real time. It also lets them monitor how well the renters are driving. If there happens to be a crash in the rental car, the crash detection feature will help to analyze and reconstruct the crash. Some rental car companies only want their cars to be driven in a certain mile radius. The geo-fence feature allows users to set “virtual boundaries.” If the vehicle goes outside of the set boundaries, there will be an alert.

A vehicle GPS tracker is a great way for rental car companies to keep track of their fleet of cars. Since tracking all the cars in real-time would be time-consuming and take a lot of manpower, use the GPS to schedule reports of position at preset time intervals. This provides users the opportunity to keep track of their fleet without having to constantly check up on each car.

Sports Vehicles

GPS trackers also a good option for sports vehicles like ATVs. Keep track of your family members as they head out on ATV adventures. Find their real-time location and rest assured that they are safe and sound. In addition, if your teens are using the ATVs, set geo-fence boundaries so that they don’t go too far away. You will be alerted if they cross over those boundaries.  Snowmobiles could also benefit from having a GPS tracker. Driving through the snow does not come without risk, and it can be very helpful to keep track of loved ones on their snowmobile adventures.

Farm Vehicles

Vehicle GPS trackers can be extremely helpful in the farming industry. The trackers are a great way for farmers to keep track of where all of their farm vehicles are located. The tracker can be attached to tractors and trucks. It can help farmers monitor the productivity of their workers. It also makes it easy to track down the location of a particular worker.

A vehicle GPS tracker is helpful in many situations. A vehicle tracker can be used in family cars, a fleet of trucks, rental cars, sports vehicles, farm vehicles, and more! These devices provide real-time location to users, along with many other important data points. In addition, the devices and lightweight and can withstand both very cold and very hot temperatures. They also have a long battery life, which is perfect for vehicles that are out on the road for hours. For more information about the features of GPS vehicle tracking devices, contact Tracking the World today.