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WorldTracker Enduro

Fast, Reliable, All-Weather GPS Tracking

WorldTracker Enduro is a compact, durable and highly sensitive GPS tracking system which provides fast and reliable GPS tracking in the most extreme weather conditions.  Only 66 millimeters long, the lightweight and waterproof A-GPS locator features real-time tracking capabilities through the Internet.  WorldTracker Enduro is GPRS/GSM compatible and comes equipped with alarms for emergency status, geo-fencing and remote control.

WorldTracker Enduro is Smaller than a credit card, measuring 2.59 inches by 1.41 inches, is .78 inches thick, and weighs in at only 2.68 ounces and can track as quickly as every 10 seconds.

Extended Battery Pack

Extended Battery Pack

Optional 8 cell Lithium Ion magnetic battery pack allows for constant tracking on a single charge for up to 6 months.

TrackingTheWorld has added convenience and efficiency to the rugged all-weather WorldTracker Enduro GPS tracking device with an all-new weatherproof magnetic battery pack enclosure.

The exceptionally efficient Enduro battery pack allows for 6 months of unattended use of the Enduro tracker with a dual-layered Lithium Ion batteries and an on-board motion sensor which automatically sends the tracker into hibernation mode after 5 minutes of no motion detection.

At just 5.43 inches long, the Enduro battery pack, housed in a waterproof, crush-proof Pelican™ case, is tough enough for virtually any application, and is conveniently compact.  For videos detailing the rigorous engineering and testing of Pelican™ cases, please visit pelican.com/info/media-videos/.

Mini Mag Pro Case Mini Mag Pro Case

Mini Mag Pro Case

With a light weight, weather proof, and compact design, the Mini Mag Case will tuck away into even the tightest enclosures, camouflaged by a matte black finish, and impervious to almost all weather conditions.

WorldTracker Enduro Specifications:
Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
    Class 4 (2W @ 900MHz)
    Class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900MHz)
Operating temperature range: -10° to +50°C
Backup batteries: 1250mAh
Dimension: 66mm x 36mm x 20mm
Weight: 76g
GPS Chipset: SiRF Star III
Channels: 20 channel all-in-view tracking
Reacquisition: 0.1 sec., average
Hot start: 1 sec., average
Warm start: 38 sec., average
Cold start: 42 sec., average
Main Function:
A - GPS Position
Fixed time reporting
Emergency Alarm
Geo-fencing Alarm
Remote Control Alarm
Lower power alarm
One Mini USB connecter to PC
LED indicate: Power / GSM network / GPS
3 keys: Power on / Function / Reset
For More information about the WorldTracker Enduro:

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Email:  sales@trackingtheworld.com