WorldTracker Enduro Pro

TrackingTheWorld Launches the WorldTracker Enduro Pro

Ideal for covert tracking!

TrackingTheWorld is now offering the much-anticipated WorldTracker Enduro Pro - an upgrade to the best-selling, all-weather WorldTracker Enduro GPS tracking system.  The Enduro Pro has faster fix times, longer battery life, and better accuracy than its predecessor.  With extreme weather operation and long battery life, the Enduro Pro offers accuracy, versatility, convenience, and reliability in one compact and durable package:

Small, Powerful, Exceptional Battery Life
"Those looking for a professional grade real-time GPS tracking device with outstanding battery life will find the Enduro Pro one of the best, if not the best, option on the market today."

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WorldTracker Enduro Pro WorldTracker Enduro Pro
Extended Battery Pack Extended Battery Pack
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Mini Mag Pro Case Mini Mag Pro Case
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Mini Mag Pro Case Enduro Ankle Case
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Extended Battery Pack

Extended Battery Pack

Optional 6 cell Lithium Ion magnetic battery pack allows for constant tracking on a single charge for up to 6 months.

TrackingTheWorld has added convenience and efficiency to the rugged all-weather WorldTracker Enduro Pro GPS tracking device with an all-new weatherproof magnetic battery pack enclosure.

The exceptionally efficient Enduro Pro dual-layered Lithium Ion battery pack allows for up to 6-months of unattended use of the Enduro Pro GPS tracker.  The Enduro Pro may be used with or without the optional battery pack.

At just 5.43 inches long, the Enduro Pro battery pack, housed in a waterproof, crush-proof Pelican™ case, is tough enough for virtually any application, and is conveniently compact.  For videos detailing the rigorous engineering and testing of Pelican™ cases, please visit

Mini Mag Pro Case   Mini Mag Pro Case

Mini Mag Pro Case

A light weight, weather proof, and compact design, the Mini Mag Pro Case will hide in even the tightest enclosures, camouflaged by a matte black finish, and impervious to almost all weather conditions.

Enduro Ankle Case

Enduro Ankle Case

Enduro Ankle Case

Designed exclusively for use with our best-selling Enduro Pro GPS Tracker, the affordable Enduro Ankle Case offers a simple solution for utilizing the Enduro Pro as an ankle bracelet tracker.

How It Works:

Simply insert the Enduro Pro GPS Tracker into the Enduro Ankle Case housing pocket, shown above, and adjust the ankle strap to the desired size. Constructed of hardened ABS plastic, the Enduro Ankle Case provides adjustable fitting, the level of durability required for long term, everyday use, and the convenient option of easy removal.

Multiple Uses:

  • Law Enforcement: Low-Risk Offenders
  • Home-Based Corrections
  • Nursing Facilities: Patient Security
  • Alzheimer's Patients
  • At-Risk Individuals
  • Child Safety

WorldTracker Enduro Pro Features:

For More information about the WorldTracker Enduro Pro:

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