WorldTracker PLD
Covert/Personal GPS Locator Device

Quad mode GPS tracker works worldwide, 2 weeks continuous GPS tracking
with emergency voice response.

The WorldTracker PLD is the most complete and affordable covert personal GPS tracking device available today. The PLD combines accurate GPS monitoring and reporting with quad-mode capabilities resulting in a product ideal for asset management, personal safety or covert GPS tracking.

The WorldTracker PLD provides tracking, reporting and monitoring for up to 2 weeks, capable of updates every 5 seconds!

Works worldwide with both GPRS/SMS.

WorldTracker PLD’s quad-mode allows the device to operate from any location in the world. The PLD tracker is equipped with GPS assist and works inside buildings and parking garages.

WorldTracker PLD offers a solution for GPS service providers and systems integrators interested in providing worldwide vehicle tracking, security and recovery services to their clients.

One-way emergency listening and two-way voice options makes the World Tracker PLD is an effective personal safety device.

WorldTracker PLD GPS Tracking Device
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Technical Specifications:

WorldTracker PLD datasheet