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Operating a business requires tenacity, good planning, time management, and the right resources to help you accomplish everyday tasks. When it comes to GPS tracking devices, there are many reasons you might want to add one to your daily business operations. No matter what type of business you operate, a GPS device can make your everyday task management simpler. We are here to help at Tracking the World. 

Our team of leading tracking professionals can meet with your business to help you find the perfect tracking device for all of your needs. Whether you are interested in fleet tracking devices or simpler employee trackers for remote or lone workers, we have what you need. Learn more and get started with all your necessary tracking technology on our website today.

Here are just four of the numerous reasons to add a GPS tracking device to your daily GPS business operations. 

Keep Your Team Safe and on the Same Page

One of the main reasons to invest in GPS devices for your business operations is to ensure employee wellbeing. All types of businesses can benefit from tracking devices for their employees. Keeping your team safe is the best measure you can take to keep your daily tasks in line and ensure a positive work environment for everyone. 

With GPS operations in place, you can also track productivity, task management, and employee whereabouts to ensure everyone is working to the best of their ability. These are management tasks that are made simpler with the help of one of Tracking the World’s tracking devices. 

Keep Tracking of Your GPS Operations Assets

Of course, your assets also matter and are an integral part of your business operations. Tracking your business assets is easy when you have the right asset tracker from Tracking the World. We offer asset trackers that are compatible with large pieces of equipment, moving vehicles, and other assets such as merchandise. You can learn how to employ your new asset tracking device to best serve and secure your business investments with our team’s help. 

Streamline Distribution and Fleet Shipping Routes

Another reason to invest in GPS operations tracking devices is to track your shipping routes, fleets, and distribution routes. Tracking this information allows you to collect data in real time on the device of your choosing. Then, you can use the information collected with your tracking device to make changes to your shipping and distribution routes. This can streamline overall operations. As a result, many businesses report more productive shipping methods, routes, and times after investing in a vehicle fleet tracking device. Furthermore, ensuring this investment allows you to focus on other ways to improve your business model without micromanaging your daily shipping routes. 

Here is your guide to GPS operations at your place of business.

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Warehouse Safety and Protection

The fourth reason to add a GPS tracking device to your daily operations is to ensure warehouse safety and protection for your entire team. Warehouse safety comes down to ensuring everyone is safe, especially if they are lone workers or operating heavy machinery. You can use most of our tracking devices with moving vehicles. Therefore, investing in one for your warehouse can keep everyone safe on a busy warehouse floor. However, there are other applications for tracking technology in your warehouse. Plus, the uses extend far beyond the warehouse setting. Perhaps the best part about warehouse safety and protection with a GPS operations device is that it is cheaper than many other options on the market, including hiring a manager for the warehouse floor. 

Bonus: It’s an Affordable Investment for Your Business

As an added bonus, purchasing a GPS operations device is a smart investment for your business. Our GPS device and software services come at an affordable cost to you. We make it simple to track your assets, employees, and other business aspects. 

Learn More About GPS Operations with Our Tracking Devices

Tracking the World is here to help your business make a smart investment in a GPS tracking device. Our team can help you determine which device has the features best suited to your needs. Plus, we work around the clock to help troubleshoot issues and ensure problems are resolved ASAP. With over a dozen years of experience under our belts, we are happy to help your business with all of your GPS operations needs. Learn more about us on our website, shop our devices, and research the best device for your needs. 

Summer tracking technology for all your GPS tracking needs.

Summer vacation tracking is a popular way for families to stay safe and track their latest adventures. With the latest in GPS tracking devices and technology, you have the most advanced measures you can take to track your next summer vacation. Plus, with cutting-edge tracking technology you can review data on your cellular device from anywhere at any time. This allows you to learn more about places you visited, miles traveled, and the whereabouts of everybody in your crew. 

From basic safety to information for the curious mind, there are many reasons to choose a GPS tracking device from Tracking the World this summer. Furthermore, there are so many benefits to investing in state-of-the-art tracking technology for all your road trips, hikes, and nature explorations. Here are just three of the many benefits of tracking devices for summer vacation usage. Learn more and get started with Tracking the World by visiting our website, contacting our customer service experts, or shopping our wide selection of devices today! 

Tracking Devices Can Help You Plan Efficiently 

One of the biggest benefits of employing the latest tracking device technology for your next summer vacation is increased efficiency. Tracking devices are great at pinpointing your location and helping you map out travel times and schedules. You might be new to using your tracking device. Therefore, it’s a good idea to obtain one before you finish planning your next vacation. This gives you time to become familiar with the ins and outs of your unique device and plan out the final details. 

With the use of detailed travel logs you can access anytime with real-time tracking data transmission, you can learn better ways to save time while planning your adventures for your summer vacation. This will help you make the most of your next adventure, whether it’s down the street, camping at your favorite lake, or across the nation exploring entirely new territory.

Vehicle-Compatible & Multi-Purpose Tracking Devices

The second benefit to using a tracking device for your summer vacation tracking is knowing where everyone in your crew is at all times. With vehicle-compatible tracking devices as well as Tracking the World’s multipurpose devices, this is easier than ever before. Our state-of-the-art vehicle trackers are compatible with multiple types of moving vehicles from cars and trucks to motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, bikes, and more. This makes it simple to keep track of all your travel adventures both on and off the road. 

Additionally, our multipurpose devices are some of our most popular options, especially when it comes to summer vacation tracking. Multipurpose devices are flexible, durable, and built to withstand whatever you throw at them. They are perfect because they are affordable, compact, and available in a wide range of models. Shop now at Tracking the World.com. 

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Prioritize Your Safety with Summer Vacation Tracking Systems

Finally, a tracking device from Tracking the World is the best way to prioritize your safety on your next summer vacation. You should not overlook this benefit, even if you are taking a familiar or simple summer trip. Put your safety first with Tracking the World. 

We offer devices that come standard with emergency call services and fall-down alerts. Fall-down alerts automatically detect when a user falls and is unable to get up themselves. Emergency call services allow you to call for help at the touch of a button. If you are ever off exploring on your own during your summer vacation, it’s wise to consider investing in GPS tracking technology that makes it easy to get the help you need in case of emergency. Furthermore, we provide pet-specific tracking devices which ensure your pets are safe on your adventures as well. 

Shop all of our tracking devices today. We will pair you with the correct safety features, device functions, and accessories for your summer vacation tracking needs today! 

Contact Tracking the World for More Information Today! 

Welcome to Tracking the World, where we have over a decade of experience in the tracking device industry. If you have questions about tracking devices for your next summer vacation, we are here to help. We offer 24/7 support. You can sign up for our newsletter and learn more about tracking device systems by visiting our website anytime. We can also help you set up your new device with our simple activation process online. You can call us at 650-692-8100 to get started tracking your next summer vacation. We guarantee you better efficiency, safety, and convenience all around! 

Investing in the right tracking device for your needs is a critical aspect of staying safe wherever life takes you. However outdated tracking devices or software can cause you issues. Therefore, it’s good to know when the right time to replace your tracking device or current tracking software systems provider is for your well-being. We can help at Tracking the World. Tracking devices are what we do, day and night. That means we know how to help you make important choices like what devices are best for your needs or when it is time for replacement tracking devices.

Here at Tracking the World, we offer affordable tracking devices for everyone’s needs. From fleet tracking to motorcycle tracking, tracking devices for young children and pets, and individual trackers for your everyday adventures; we have your back guaranteed. Learn more about what we have to offer as one of the nation’s leading tracking companies by exploring our website. You can reach out to our customer service team anytime to begin services or shop our tracking device selection. In the meantime, here is some more information on how you know it is time to invest in replacement tracking devices.

The Current Device Is Having Issues

One of the biggest reasons to invest in replacement tracking devices is due to current issues with your device. While sometimes issues can quickly be fixed with troubleshooting efforts, other times the problems are rooted in outdated systems. In some cases, your device might just be old and due for a replacement all around. Whatever the cause of issues with your current tracking device, it’s best to reach out to our team. 

We will first ask you a series of questions about the issues you are facing to determine what the problem might be. If troubleshooting efforts are possible, we can walk you through those steps to hopefully resolve the problem. If the problem is not able to be solved, we recommend investing in a replacement tracking device. This also gives you the best chance to upgrade to a new device entirely that might better suit your needs. 

Learn more about replacement tracking devices.

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A Growing Family or Friend Group 

Another reason to replace your current tracking device is that it no longer suits your needs. Perhaps you have a growing family or friend group that requires a device with more options, features, and functions. Maybe you added a pet to your household and are not interested in pet-friendly trackers. Whatever the reasons for replacing your device with something more comprehensive to suit your new needs, we are here to help. When you contact us, we can answer your questions about which device is a better option for you. In some cases, you might invest in multiple devices to encompass the needs of your growing family. 

Replacement Tracking Devices For When Your Software Is Outdated 

A third reason for replacement tracking devices is due to outdated software systems. Over time, software becomes outdated as new technology and advancements are made. As a result, devices which rely on older versions of the software are not able to function as well without upgraded software. Many devices require replacements to once again be compatible with the latest software on the market. With Tracking the World, you always get the most cutting-edge software in the tracking community paired with fast-speed connections on our devices. With 4G connections and the backing of reliable tracking software, you can go anywhere your heart desires with the peace of mind our devices offer you and your family. 

Replacement Tracking Devices for Business Usage 

Finally, you might require a replacement device for business users if you are receiving inaccurate data collection or having issues with real-time data transmission. Data collection is a key element of businesses using tracking technology. Whether you are using it to track fleet movement and transportation or employees’ productivity; an outdated device simply won’t cut in. As a business owner, it’s important to seek upgraded systems and devices whenever you run into issues to help your business stay on track with all your services. Our team works closely with business owners to ensure they are receiving quality tracking software, systems, and devices to help their enterprises succeed. 

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Using an older device that needs replacing for all your tracking needs is not a reliable course of action. Many devices simply don’t meet your needs as they shift over time. Other devices run on outdated software which can cause lag time in real-time data collection and reporting. In other cases, data can be completely unreliable or the device itself is simply old and run down. If you are the owner of a business that relies on tracking devices for important data collection and decision-making, replacement tracking devices can be even more critical.

Let our team help you with your replacement tracking devices today at Tracking the World services. When the time is right for your replacement, contact us and we will help you upgrade, switch devices or make a quick replacement! Learn more on our website or call us today for your replacement! 

Learn more about real time fleet tracking today!

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If you are a business owner operating a fleet of any kind, you might be interested in learning more about affordable fleet tracking. GPS tracking devices are the best way to track your fleet 24/7. Day or night, keeping track of all your fleet assets is a critical part of safely operating a business. In fact, tracking your fleet can ensure better employee performance as well as increase profit values by helping you streamline routes. With the use of real-time fleet tracking technology, it is easier than ever before to keep track of your fleet. You can review data in real time without downtime or lag in order to make quick decisions about workload, shipping routes, or employee performance. 

We offer affordable fleet tracking devices and plans here at Tracking the World. As one of the nation’s leading tracking device companies, we are proud to serve the country with reliable, durable, and simple-to-use tracking technology. Let us help your business improve and excel today by visiting our website to shop our current line of affordable fleet tracking devices. You can also contact us to learn more about the services and products we offer. Here is how you can find affordable solutions for your fleet tracking needs with Tracking the World. 

Tracking the World Tracking Services 

Tracking the World offers affordable tracking devices and services for owners of businesses with fleets. We work with companies both large and small to provide reliable fleet tracking services. Whether you are the owner of a large semi-truck fleet or a smaller shipping fleet, we can help. Since we offer tracking devices that are compatible with moving vehicles of all types, we can work with all types of fleets, including city officials, shipping companies, warehouses and manufacturer units, and even law enforcement vehicles. 

Choosing the right tracking service provider is the first step to reliable and affordable tracking services. Tracking the World offers 24/7 service and support. With greater connectivity, our real-time tracking capabilities make it simple to complete your fleet routes safely. Sign up today to learn firsthand the difference a tracking device from Tracking the World can make in your business’s operations. 

Our Fleet Trackers 

At Tracking the World, we offer a wide range of devices that are perfect for fleet tracking. Some factors to consider when shopping for the right fleet tracker include connectivity, bandwidth, and the ability to connect to your personal device in real time. A wide coverage area is also critical for accurate data from anywhere your fleets might go. Finally, durability is important for fleet tracking purposes.  Durable fleet devices ensure your fleet is safely tracked even in adverse weather conditions or rough terrain. 

Some of our most popular devices include the AVL-50 4G, AVL-55 4G, AVL-55 CDMA, WT-OBD 4G, AVL-350 4G, and the AVL-300 CDMA devices. 

Finding Affordable Fleet Tracking Devices & Making Essential Connections 

There are many reasons that choosing a fleet tracking device from Tracking the World is important. Fleet trackers can help you make essential connections. They can check your current business model to help you create a streamlined plan for increased profits and proficiency. In fact, a tracking device can help increase overall productivity, profits, and fleet power by improving weak areas of your fleet routes using real-time data collection. These essential connections are powered by the latest and most cutting-edge tracking software on the market. Now, you can get results on the device of your choosing, 24/7, in real time without delays or lags. 

Finally, an affordable fleet tracking system saves you money upfront compared to overpriced options that don’t offer the same capacities. In the long run, you can also save money on streamlined routes for better efficiency. Overall, as the savings add up, you can invest in other necessary machinery, staffing, or features to make your business a better operation.  

Get Started with Tracking the World Today!

When it comes to amazing and affordable fleet tracking devices, we are here to help at Tracking the World. We want to make your investments smart, simple, and straightforward for a successful business operation without breaking the bank. Choose from our wide selection of vehicle-compatible fleet trackers today. Learn more or shop for your next tracking device today on our website.

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Staying safe as a motorcyclist can be hard. However, there are many simple measures motorcyclists can take to ensure their safety on the road. Wherever your next adventure takes you, these measures are great ideas for hitting the road. From wearing helmets to investing in a GPS tracking device for all your travels, staying safe should be your top priority. Here are four ways motorcyclists can remain safe with GPS tracking technology from the experts at Tracking the World. 

Tracking the World is one of the nation’s leading tracking device and software companies. We offer more device options, features, and software support than competitors. When it comes to any type of tracking device or tracking needs, we have you covered. Our devices include multipurpose devices, vehicle-friendly devices, pet-friendly trackers, and so much more. Shop now and explore our website for more helpful resources in the tracking community. 

Tracking Devices Safe for Moving Vehicles 

One way you can remain safe as a motorcyclist is by investing in tracking devices that are compatible with vehicles. Choosing motorcyclist-specific trackers from Tracking the World makes it simple to get the best resource for your next travels. We currently offer a few main motorcycle trackers. However, many of our other vehicle-compatible devices can also be used for motorcyclists, especially if additional features suit your individual needs. Our main motorcycle tracking devices are the MT-100, AVL-75 4G, and the AV5-74 3G devices.

MT-100 Motorcycle GPS Tracking Technology 

One of our most straightforward motorcyclist devices is the MT-100. The MT-100 employs the latest in GPS tracking technology, including quad-band GSM/GPRS systems. This device is specifically designed for applications that require low current drain, like motorcycles, but it can also be used for other vehicles. It comes with multiple I/O monitoring and control, is water-resistant, and is CE and FCC certified. The MT-100 device is convenient, compact, durable, and weatherable. Learn more about this device and find out if it’s right for you by connecting with our team today!

AVL-75 Series: 3G and 4G Devices 

Our AVL-75, AVL-75 3G, and AVL-75 4G devices are also for motorcycle tracking. The AVL series is also a great resource and is paired with safety features such as emergency call response systems and fall-down alerts. With three devices to choose from, you have options that allow you to find the best tracking technology for your motorcycle needs. Whether you like hitting the road with your friends, riding solo, or exploring new avenues, we have the latest tracking technology to back you up. 

Learn more about our GPS tracking technology today.

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Track Your Loved Ones on the Road 

Motorcyclists can also remain safe with GPS tracking technology by sharing their location and data movement with their loved ones. This is especially a great option for families. With real-time data collection and transmission, now you can view live information on your GPS tracking device from anywhere at any time. Recent breakthroughs in GPS tracking technology make it even easier to keep track of your loved ones on their motorcycles year-round. 

Safety Features and Tracking Technology 

Finally, investing in GPS tracking technology and devices with the right safety features is wise. When you are a motorcyclist, safety features such as fall-down alerts, emergency call services, and battery warnings can help you stay safe on the road. Fall-down alerts can be a great resource if you should fall and become injured. They allow you to seek help directly from anywhere. These alert systems work with the touch of a button and high-tech sensor systems. Now you can reach on-call emergency responders using your GPS location. 

Furthermore, a low battery can be dangerous when you are on the road. Therefore, our GPS tracking devices come with a longer battery life than other trackers. They even have alert systems to help you stay charged 24/7.  

Learn More Today with Tracking the World Systems

Staying safe as a motorcyclist should not be hard to do. Luckily, it isn’t when you invest in state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology and devices from Tracking the World. Our numerous tracking devices offer a variety of safety features, navigation on the go, and real-time data tracking, all bundled together at an affordable cost. Shop our devices now and connect with us to learn more about your future motorcycle tracking device.

Government industry devices have many applications.

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The government sector is one area where individuals often overlook GPS tracking devices. However, GPS technology and the government can go hand-in-hand. Government devices in tracking technology are becoming more and more prevalent. We can help anyone in the government sector locate the right tracking equipment and devices for their needs. 

There are many uses for tracking devices within government sectors, which are all possible with Tracking the World’s reliable and convenient tracking devices. Check out our website to find the most cutting-edge devices and tracking software systems for your needs. You can also learn more about how the government sector can implement tracking devices by exploring the helpful resources on our website. 

Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders

Law enforcement personnel, both at a local level and a larger city, state, or government agency protection level, can implement tracking devices. There are many applications for GPS devices in these sectors. You can use tracking devices on government vehicles to track the location, movement, and routes of law enforcement personnel. They can also be used to secure transport for prisoners or parolees. 

Our ankle tracking devices, for example, are a popular option for parolees. Law enforcement agents use ankle trackers to track parolees’ movements. However, multipurpose devices are a good choice. They can be used by law enforcement individuals at all levels to track movement within vehicles and on foot. In some cases, this data can be vital in solving cases, tracking records of police activity, and so much more. 

GPS Tracking Device Person Down Alert Calls Ambulance

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Government Sector Devices in Politics 

Another application of Tracking the World devices is for the political realm. From the campaign trail to personal tracking devices for prominent political figures, there are so many uses for a reliable tracking device. When a government official wants to track data on their personal movements or their team’s movements, a secure tracking device with real-time data collection critical. For example, during campaigns, data on travels on the campaign trail can be useful when it comes to funding and getting the support of those who want to see you in office. 

Secure Fleet Tracking for Government Vehicles 

Secure fleet tracking for government vehicles is critical. From the United States Postal Service to Army vehicles, police cars, and government shipping containers, accurate tracking is in high demand. It’s easy to accomplish accurate, secure, and fast tracking results with a multipurpose, durable government industry device from Tracking the World. Our devices have the widest range of connectivity and real-time data reporting. These devices are also waterproof and you can use them on moving vehicles. 

Employee Tracking in the Government Sector

You can also use these devices to track the movement of employees in the government sector. Everyone from postal workers to members of the FDA and FBI and beyond can implement these devices. The results of data collected in real-time for tracking devices can improve overall efficiency and safety. Even better, ensuring proper protocols is simple when tracking devices are backed by fast and reliable connections. 

Border Security

Finally, border security officials can also implement tracking device systems to monitor border activity. Border patrol employees need to monitor both illegal and legal activity in the government sector. This technology can help prevent everything from drugs and human trafficking to other types of smuggling. When they use technology to track moving vehicles harboring illegal people or items, border patrol agents can lessen unlawful activity.

Popular Government Sector Devices 

The advantage of shopping for a tracking device from Tracking the World is how applicable most of our devices are for a wide range of uses. However, there are a few devices that stand out when it comes to popular government devices. The most applicable option is probably our multipurpose devices. They are some of our most versatile and durable options. Popular models include the Enduro Plus 4G and 3G.

Learn More about Government Sector Devices with Tracking the World

Investing in the right tracking devices is important, no matter what industry you are a part of. However, the government sector has a lot more at stake and needs devices that are reliable. Luckily, our real-time solutions from Tracking the World offer the best software on the market. Learn more, get started, and shop now on our website. 

Learn more about our device motion sensors today!

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There are so many benefits to investing in a reliable tracking device from a company you can trust. However, you can take your tracking device technology to the next level when you choose devices from Tracking the World. Our devices offer more features and comprehensive functions than other tracking devices on the market. For example, our GPS motion sensor is of the highest quality. Our newest motion sensor’s technology makes it possible to receive real-time GPS data collection on a device of your choosing. 

Furthermore, you get more precise results than ever before with motion sensors that detect every subtle movement. Learn more about all of our GPS tracking devices and their technology systems on our website today. You can also contact us anytime to get started with GPS devices or software systems. Here is your crash course on motion sensors and GPS tracking device technology at Tracking the World. 

Why Motion Sensors Matter

Motion sensors are an integral aspect of what makes GPS tracking devices functional. Without the ability to sense motion, GPS tracking devices could not accurately pinpoint as much vital data for users. These days, motion sensor technology has become even more advanced. Even the most subtle and smallest of movements can be detected on high-grade motion sensors. These sensors are used in all types of devices, from your cell phones to detect movement, step counts, etc., to GPS tracking devices. 

With the right software in place and a strong and reliable motion sensor system, more precise measures are possible. Tracking the World has invested our resources in ongoing research to ensure the highest-quality motion sensors in all of our tracking devices. From our multipurpose devices to moving vehicle devices, pet trackers, and beyond, motion sensor technology is part of the norm of our tracking systems. 

GPS Tracking Devices and Real-Time Data Collection 

Motion sensors paired with GPS tracking devices help facilitate real-time data collection. Whether you are using a personal tracker or a professional business tracking device, real-time data can be critical. 

With Tracking the World, you can access all of your data collection on the device of your choosing. This includes cellular devices, laptops, tablets, etc. With the ability to access vital information and data faster than ever before, we need accurate systems to convey this information. 

Together, motion detection technology and real-time accessibility help tracking device users get the important data they need when they need it. As a result, you can make more precise choices in your daily life or the critical business decisions that have a significant impact on your corporation. 

Fleet tracking with motion sensors.

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Motion Sensors and Personal GPS Trackers

When it comes to personal use of a GPS tracking device, motion sensors are critical. Personal trackers may be used to track the whereabouts of loved ones and ensure their safety. Some users also enjoy our pet-compatible tracking devices that help you keep your furry friends safe day and night. 

Whatever your reason for needing a GPS personal tracker, motion detection is a key element that conveys vital information quickly to you so you can keep track of those you care about. Motion sensors are great for tracking devices used on young children who might be away at a friend’s, at summer camp, or just taking the daily bus to school. They can also help watch over elderly individuals who require a helping hand now and then on the go. Shop Tracking the World’s wide selection of personal trackers today to find the right fit for your needs. 

Motion Sensors and Professional GPS Tracking Devices

For business owners, GPS tracking devices with reliable motion sensors can be even more critical. For example, owners of shipping fleets or large pieces of machinery might invest in one of our asset trackers. With high-precision motion sensors, you can easily track expensive machinery as it moves around your property or warehouses. Keep a close eye on potential theft issues, track fleet movements and shipping times, and even more. Then use the data collected to make a quick decision about your daily business operations, which can result in better productivity, higher profits, and a better customer retention rating. 

Learn More Today with Tracking the World

When it comes to investing in tracking technology that truly has your best interests at heart, it doesn’t get any better than Tracking the World. We are one of the nation’s leading tracking device companies thanks to our amazing reputation in tracking technology. Learn firsthand the Tracking the World difference in motion detection by shopping our devices today. With our quick installation and start-up process, you can begin tracking your next adventures, big and small, in no time. Learn more and get started on our website right now!

Learn more about our GPS tracking software systems today!

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It’s a new year, which means new opportunities to stay on track and safe throughout the seasons. How can you stay safe year-round? The answer is simple when you invest in our tracking devices from Tracking the World. We have provided clients with tracking devices, software systems, and data collection for over twelve years. Furthermore, we are always working to improve our tracking systems and services to help you, wherever your next adventure might take you. 

Therefore, as the new year gets into full swing, you can go online and shop our website’s wide selection of tracking devices. We have so many options to choose from that we guarantee the best solution for your personal or business operation needs. Get started today! Here are just some of our most popular tracking devices to help you ring in the new year at Tracking the World. 

Getting Started with the Right Options

The first step to finding your right GPS tracking device in 2023 is to visit our website and shop for the categories which are most suited to your needs. For instance, we offer pet tracking devices, vehicle trackers, personal tracking devices, and multi-purpose devices, among other popular categories. Knowing your needs will help you narrow down your search. However, you can also choose to reach out to our tracking device customer service team. Our professionals can answer your questions, troubleshoot issues you might be having with your device, and help you invest in the best solution for your needs. 

Track your business with our asset tracking devices.

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Multi-Purpose Tracking Devices 

Hands down our most popular category of tracking devices are our multi-purpose devices. Multi-purpose devices are a great investment that offer many functions bundled together in one neat package. Multi-purpose devices are also some of our more affordable options coming standard with capacities such as emergency call services, fall-down alerts, and 4G connections. Many of our multi-purpose devices are compatible with moving vehicles of all types and are also great for pets, families, elderly individuals, corporate tracking, and daily fleet tracking. Some of the most popular multi-purpose devices we currently offer include our Enduro Plus 4G, Enduro Plus 3G, Enduro Plus, and the Enduro Plus CDMA device. 

Ankle Trackers for Many Applications 

Another popular category is our ankle trackers. Law enforcement commonly use ankle trackers for parolees. However, they also are great for everyday individuals. You can use ankle trackers to track the adventures of your furry friends, ensuring their safety. Dogs and cats alike can safely use our tracking devices. They fit comfortably around pets’ ankles. With real-time tracking data for our ankle tracking devices, your loved ones, are always safe. 

Furthermore, our ankle trackers are a simple investment for lone workers or anyone who wants a small, compact, and easy-to-use device on the go. These devices are also commonly used for elderly patients with conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Their convenience makes them an easy solution for nursing homes. Popular ankle tracking devices offered at Tracking the World include the CAT-110, CAT-65 4G, and the CAT-200X 4G. 

Track Your Assets with Tracking the World Devices 

Keeping track of your assets is very important. From expensive machinery pieces to pallets, vehicles, inventory and so much more, our tracking devices can help. We offer a wide selection of asset trackers. All asset trackers have real-time data collection submitted to the device of your choosing 24/7. 

As business owners, asset trackers can keep track of shipments, warehouse inventory, in-store inventory, and the movement of goods. As a homeowner, you can also use asset trackers to track your valuables at storage units, on your property, etc. Whatever your need for a reliable asset tracker is, we have you covered. 

We design our asset trackers to last with sturdy and reliable materials. They can even withstand different weather conditions. Therefore, you can count on them to keep your assets on track day and night. Shop now for options such as our GAT-PRO 4G, the AVL-600W Series, and the GAT-PRO. 

Shop Tracking The World Tracking Devices This Year 

Starting your year off strong is simple when you have the right tools at your fingertips. A new tracking device from Tracking the World can make all the difference in your day-to-day life. From safety features that keep a watchful eye over loved ones to business asset tracking to streamline your operations, tracking devices are smart investments. In 2023, you can get ahead of the game by shopping our tracking device inventory. From car trackers to pet and asset trackers, our software backs your data up in a secure and easily accessible format. Learn more and get started by reaching out to us today! 

Learn more about our ankle trackers today!

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In the world of tracking technology, tracking devices have become increasingly compact. One type of compact and convenient multipurpose GPS tracking device is the ankle tracker. Ankle trackers have so much to offer in such a small package. When it is time for you to shop for your future tracking device, don’t overlook our wide selection at Tracking the World. Whether you are looking for something to help keep your loved ones safe on their next adventure, add extra protection to your pet’s playtime, or you have another situation, there are numerous helpful uses for ankle trackers to consider. They are one of the best investments you can make in tracking technology.

We’d love to help you find the best ankle trackers for your needs here at Tracking the World. Our team is dedicated to pairing clients with the best tracking devices, software, and solutions to suit their needs. Our solutions can help keep you and your loved ones safe. Learn more, shop now on our website, and keep reading to learn about some useful applications for ankle trackers!  

Hiking Adventures with Ease

Since these trackers attach to a user’s ankle, they make a great investment for outdoors enthusiasts. If you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, running, or taking nature walks, ankle trackers are a great option for you. Ankle trackers are popular with hikers, for example, because of how easy they are to use. Just make sure your tracking device has a full battery, place it on your ankle, gear up, and enjoy the sunshine! 

Wherever your next adventure takes you, a GPS ankle tracking device is smart for the entire family. It’s also a great way for families on adventures to add extra security and safety measures. Parents will love ankle trackers for outdoor family camping trips because they help you keep track of your little ones in case of an emergency. 

Ankle trackers for all your needs.

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Dog, Cat, and Other Pet Ankle Trackers

Of course, our ankle trackers are also adjustable and pet-friendly. We even offer pet-specific tracking devices for those who want to keep an extra eye on their furry friends. Our devices are popular with dog and cat owners because any animal can get lost, get out their home, or find themselves trapped in overseen circumstances. 

Our devices are the best way to ensure your pets are safe and can be located in case of an emergency. Easy to wash, easy to wear, and designed to fit comfortably around your pet’s ankle, our ankle trackers are versatile, durable, and functional for all your pet tracking needs. Speak with one of our expert representatives today to shop for the best ankle trackers for your individual pet’s needs! 

Stay Safe as a Lone Worker

Another popular use for ankle trackers is for lone workers who want to ensure extra safety. Lone workers can be anyone who tends to work alone or spends a lot of time in dangerous conditions and has limited contact with others. While your job might be dangerous, it doesn’t mean you should be in danger. Luckily, ankle trackers can be connected to devices of other employees, staff, or your friends and family. Then, in case of an emergency, someone will be able to come to your aid fast. Plus, adding capabilities such as emergency call services and fall-down alerts ensures that you can get the help you need right away.

Ankle Trackers for Parolees 

Our ankle trackers are often used by law enforcement professionals to help keep track of parolees. If you are in the law enforcement field and seeking expert ankle-tracking technology, we offer secure devices for your needs. Meet with us to discuss how we can help you work with parolees with the best ankle trackers on the market today! 

Protect Elderly Loved Ones

Finally, you can invest in an ankle tracking device to help protect elderly loved ones. With fall-down alerts, emergency call services and detailed movement logs sent to your device of choice, ankle trackers are powerful! Plus, elderly individuals who might be prone to memory issues or wandering will receive the extra protection they need in case of confusion. 

Contact Us for More Information on Ankle Trackers from Tracking the World 

Keep track of those you love, stay safe on the job, and watch out for your furry friends. At Teaching the World, we understand that a tracking device is often more than just a piece of technology. It’s about love, safety, and peace of mind. That’s why we offer the widest selection of ankle trackers for your convenience with easy installation and activation processes. Learn more and shop now today! You can also call us anytime at 650-692-8100 to speak one-on-one with a device expert.

Learn more about real time fleet tracking today!

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If you are the owner of a business that has a shipping fleet of any kind, then you definitely should consider a GPS tracking device. GPS devices are the best way for you to stay on top of tracking the movements of your fleet in real time. Real-time fleet tracking technology has continued to advance and become more popular in the past decade. With the latest and most cutting-edge tracking software now available widely for commercial enterprises, your business can review data and improve quickly. 

Tracking the World is here to help. We are one of the nation’s leading tracking device and software companies. With real-time fleet-tracking compatible devices, you’ll receive live data tracking on your personal devices 24/7. Let us help your business improve today with our fleet-tracking devices. Visit our website to shop for devices, learn more, and get started today! In the meantime, here is how to track your service fleet in real time with Tracking the World.  

Sign Up for the Right Service

The first step to tracking your service fleet in real time is choosing the right GPS tracking device provider. For real-time tracking, you need a company you can trust for 24/7 GPS software support and service. No matter where you are, our GPS devices provide more coverage and connectivity. We are constantly finding new ways to improve our devices and software systems to ensure that all your fleet tracking needs are met. We love working with business and fleet owners of all types because there are so many applications for a real-time fleet tracking device. 

Shop the Latest Tracking Devices

The second step to real-time fleet tracking results you can rely on is finding the perfect GPS tracking device or devices for your needs. Most of our tracking devices are vehicle-friendly so in theory, they could all be used for fleet tracking purposes. You not only want a device that is safe to use on fleet vehicles, but also one with a wide connectivity and coverage area, a long battery life, durability, emergency features, and other useful functions for daily tracking. We bring you many options to choose from on our website, which makes it simple to find a tracking device that meets your fleet tracking needs. 

Popular Devices for Real-Time Fleet Tracking 

Some of our most popular tracking devices include the AVL-50 4G, AVL-55 4G, AVL-55 CDMA, WT-OBD 4G, AVL-350 4G, and the AVL-300 CDMA device. All of these devices can be safely used on any type of motor vehicle that your fleet uses for shipping.

These are multi-purpose devices. They can also be used for personal tracking needs, which makes them a great long-term investment. With the latest devices equipped with 4G LTE capabilities, we guarantee a more secure connection wherever your fleet may venture. The real-time data collection is one of the best features our devices offer.

With our tracking, your data is sent directly to a device. Furthermore, it can be accessed anytime. As a business owner, you get the peace of mind you deserve knowing your fleet is on track. But the benefits of real-time fleet tracking extend far beyond the assurance for your business. 

Real time fleet tracking is simple with Tracking the World.

Image by Renee Gaudet from Pixabay

Other Benefits of Real-Time Fleet Tracking 

There are other benefits to choosing fleet tracking devices from Tracking the World. They include improved productivity and profits, and less overall stress. You can improve business productivity by locating weak areas in shipping or distribution routes. Using real-time data, you can easily spot routes that you can tweak for quicker fleet shipping. As a result, this will streamline operations and could save you money upfront. It might also increase overall sales when you gain a reputation as a fast distribution or sales team. 

Finally, it can help you reduce overall stress for yourself and your employees. It might even shorten everyone’s workday, giving you more time to concentrate on other matters and relax! The faster you receive information from data tracking devices, the sooner you can make smart changes with lasting results. And after all, it doesn’t get any quicker than real-time fleet tracking from Tracking the World. 

Start with Tracking the World Today!

As a business owner, you can make an investment that will have positive results for your business’s fleet. Choose real-time fleet tracking devices from Tracking the World today! We have over a decade of experience as leading experts in the tracking device industry. Plus, we use only the latest technology and tracking software to back up our services. Learn more or shop for your next tracking device today on our website. We are eager to help your business grow!