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Top 5 Safety Features of GPS Trackers

For enthusiasts of GPS tracking systems, there's no doubt that these compact, but powerful tracking devices are among the most reliable choices in personal safety and business efficiency.  Here are our top five choices of the very best safety features found on GPS tracking systems.

The Panic Button

The panic button found on TrackingTheWorld GPS tracking systems is designed to quickly summon help when you need it most.  One press of the panic button results in a rapid fire sequence of location alerts, and automated cell phone notifications.  For someone in an emergency situation, the panic button found on some models of our GPS trackers could be a potential life saver.
View our WorldTracker GPRS with panic button here:

Voice Communication

The benefits of two-way voice communication and emergency one-way listening on GPS trackers can be priceless in the event of a true emergency.  TrackingTheWorld's WorldTracker PLD offers both one-way emergency listening and a two way voice communication option.
Read more about WorldTracker PLD GPS tracking systems here:

SiRF Star III Chipset

Perhaps one of the biggest innovations ever in GPS tracking systems is the SiRF Star III chipset.  GPS trackers equipped with the SiRF Star III chipset perform better, achieve location locks faster, and require less battery power to operate—all contributing to improved personal safety with GPS trackers.
For more information on GPS tracking systems equipped with SiRF Star III, view our WorldTracker PLD:

Hibernating Battery Packs

A GPS tracking system with a dead battery is like having no GPS tracking system at all.  For those interested in vehicle tracking, our optional hibernating battery packs will allow you to use our GPS tracking systems for months without having to stop to recharge.  In situations of tracking teenagers for personal safety, this means the security of knowing that your GPS trackers are always ready to go when your teenagers are.
View our WorldTracker Enduro with hibernating battery pack option here:

All-Weather Capabilities

From a hike in the desert to skiing on a cold mountain slope, all-weather capabilities in GPS tracking systems are essential for those who love the outdoors.  Get security, reliability and rugged durability in our all-weather tracker, the WorldTracker Enduro.
Read more about these ultra-compact all-weather GPS tracking systems here:

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