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AVL300 & AVL55 for Fleet Tracking


CDMA Tracking Device

[ Verizon Certified ]

The AVL300 CDMA is a compact GPS tracker designed for a broad range of vehicle tracking applications, including monitoring driver behavior.  Multiple I/O interfaces allow the device to be used for controlling or monitoring external devices.  A GPS receiver offers superior sensitivity and faster fixes times, and CDMA2000-1x capabilities provide real time and intermittent tracking through a backend server and mobile devices.

The AVL300 CDMA is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection and conserving battery life, and is compatible with a wide range of reporting options, including panic alerts, geo-fencing alerts, harsh driving notifications, low battery alert, and intermittent GPS position reports.


CDMA Micro Vehicle Tracking Device

[ Verizon Certified ]

As a cost effective micro CDMA tracking option, the AVL55 CDMA offers reliable tracking across multiple tracking applications.  Multiple I/0 interfaces allow for monitoring or operating external hardware, and the device's GPS receiver ensures greater sensitivity and faster fix times.

The device supports real time tracking and intermittent tracking options through dual band CDMA200-1x.  Supports additional features including panic alerts, geofence setting and monitoring, external power supply monitoring, and programmed GPS location reports.  Full documentation is provided.

GSM Devices for Fleet Tracking



Multiple Use AVL Tracker

TrackingTheWorld's AVL-300 vehicle tracking device offers multiple options and outstanding durability.  The AVL-300 tracker features both real time and passive GPS tracking options, two digital inputs and two analog inputs, including one that may be used as a third digital input.


Mini Vehicle Tracking Device with Internal Battery

As an ultra-compact vehicle tracker designed for a broad variety of vehicle tracking applications, the AVL55 GPS tracking device includes multiple I/0 interfaces used for the control and monitoring of external equipment.  The AVL55 offers higher sensitivity and faster times to first fix.



Enable even more software features for superior tracking with the CAN-100 device for vehicle monitoring. The CAN-100 provides real-time monitoring information including fuel level and consumption, door locks, and dashboard indicators for all vehicle makes and models.

CAN-100 Features:

  • Vehicle Distance
  • Fuel Level
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Engine Speed
  • Engine Temperatures
  • Door Locks and Open/Close
  • Driver Identification Based on Digital Tachograph
  • LED Synch Indicator

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New Fleet Tracking Software

$15 Unlimited Monthly Tracking
Minimum 10 trackers or assets

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TrackingTheWorld’s fleet tracking software allows for smart management of every unit in your business fleet with a broad selection of tracking features and tools designed to optimize efficiency, organization, and security.

Advanced Location Reporting

Get the information you need to run your business with detailed position reporting, including direction of travel, speed, and pinning of location points en route.  Geo-fencing provides automated alerts when a vehicle leaves its predetermined service area.  Choose to purchase tracking devices from TrackingTheWorld at competitive prices, or use your own hardware configured to our server.

Fuel Management and Efficiency

Maximize fuel conservation with our route optimizer feature, accurate fuel level monitoring, and alerts of erratic driving behavior such as such as excessive speed, unauthorized use after hours, and fuel theft.

Enhanced Security

Secure your fleet with driver identity control, in-cab photo options, remote command of door locks and ignition, sudden temperature changes, and collision and fuel theft alerts.

Reporting Efficiency

Eliminate the need for time consuming manual reporting with our automated reporting features, including routing, preventative maintenance scheduling, distribution reports for liquid tanker transport, and refrigeration temperature monitoring.  All data is exportable to Microsoft Excel.

TrackingTheWorld Fleet Tracking Software Features:
  • Google Maps compatibility
  • Multiple map viewing options
  • Google Earth trace option
  • Position reporting, including direction, orientation, speed, and bread crumbs
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Route optimization
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance reporting
  • Fuel theft notification
  • All reports exportable to Microsoft Excel
Even More Software Features Available with the CAN-100 Accessory:
  • Fuel level
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel theft notification
  • Engine temperature
  • Door Position: Open/Close and Lock/Unlock
  • Driver identification with digital tachograph
  • And more!
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