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TrackingTheWorld Releases World's Smallest, Most Powerful GPS Ankle Tracker

Burlingame - TrackingTheWorld, a global leader in the development of GPS tracking equipment, recently released the OFT-210, an ankle bracelet GPS tracker which exceeds the capabilities of any similar tracker on the market today.

Ideal for law enforcement, community corrections programs, skip tracing, senior citizen healthcare facilities, and even officer protection, the OFT-210 features increased tamper resistance through the use of fiber optic technology, greater security through the use of a backup battery system, rugged construction, and automated alerts. "We are pleased and confident to offer the Offender Tracker device to law enforcement departments, and other agencies. It is constructed to meet even the most exacting security and quality standards from anywhere on the planet," said Phillip Loesch, TrackingTheWorld General Manager.

According to Loesch, the use of optical fiber rather than the copper wiring often used in GPS ankle bracelets, dramatically increases the security of the tracking device, making it "absolutely impossible" for the user to create a false connection for the purpose of cutting or removing the strap. In addition, the OFT-210 is equipped with the latest, exceptionally-reliable Ublox GPS receiver, and features quad-band GSM/GPRS capabilities.

The Offender Tracker is equipped with a backup battery system allowing the tracking device to remain active while the user is changing the main battery, which is rechargeable and replaceable. In addition, the backup battery system allows authorities up to 24 hours to trace the tracker's location, which acts as a hidden layer of security in the event the offender removes the main battery for the purpose of evading tracking. The main battery will operate the device for up to 5-days on a single battery charge, and includes a wall charger.

With a durable design, the OFT-210 is waterproof, housed in a high-density plastic case, and provides automated alerts when the bracelet is tampered with, or when the main battery is removed or low. In addition, the Offender Tracker offers remote adjustments of tracking intervals. "We've specifically-designed this tracking device to eliminate the inconveniences and unreliability often experienced with other ankle trackers," said Loesch.

The OFT-210 GPS tracking device is made to be used with TrackingTheWorld's sophisticated GPS tracking software. "Customers may choose to utilize the software through TrackingTheWorld's reliable monitoring service, install our software on their own server for monitoring within their own agency, or even use an existing monitoring system," said Loesch.

For more information about the OFT-210 GPS tracker, and a full line of other GPS tracking devices, please visit TrackingTheWorld at, call 1-650-692-8100, or email