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GPS Container Tracking System

Here at tracking the world we can provide you the best and GPS tracking solutions.  We can provide private label tracking website so that you too can join the GPS revolution and be able to set up your own website to resell our solutions to customers.  We also had the world tracker GTR as this is the first tracking device with real-time updates every 15 seconds.  The entire unit is as small as a set of car keys and still provides a wealth of information.

We also maintain the world tracker SMS which is one of our most popular products affordable tracking and security featuring real-time on-demand reporting this cutting edge technology maps from Google and Microsoft combined with high resolution satellite imagery and detailed street information to be able to provide you the most direct and accurate information about where your vehicle is.

We also provide here at tracking the world where we feature the best and GPS tracking the trend track device for the first time ever trend track will now support Google Earth and Microsoft live local mapping information as well.  We have the trend track at unbeatable prices that you will not be able to find anywhere else on the web.

We also provide the world tracker AVL which is an affordable and easy to use GPS tracking for one or more vehicles or fleets of vehicles we provide everything for you including hardware activation wiring and send card with one full month of free service for the world tracker AVL.

Here at tracking the world we also provide a covert GPS data logger now featuring S. IRF Star three.  You can collect a 200,000 records or positions and downloads via high-speed USB connection to your computer plus the built-in GPS antenna frees you from the hassle of mounting an external antenna to the GPS unit.

We also feature of course the world tracker PRO as featured in Newsweek magazine.  This is a completely self-contained unit ideal for covert applications or where you need to ensure that nobody knows where this device is.  This unit includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery and no tracker is easier or faster to install than this world tracker Pro.

We also feature the world tracker RF.  This provides real-time tracking or data logger with no monthly charges and no setup fees our new high powered receiver and transmitter contract at a distance of up to 35 miles for increased range simply use an additional receiver station as a repeater doubling the coverage area.

And of course we can provide you a full set of portable covert video cameras is a completely wireless GSM video cameras capable of transmitting around the world.

When you need GPS tracking solutions we are your number one choice.